Monday, January 3, 2011

Tip: Diaper Bag

If you are travelling with kids, chances are one of them needs the all important diaper bag.  Like most parents, you probably have the big bag with all the pockets and zippers, that holds everything but the kitchen sink (and let's face it, if you could find a bag that would take the kitchen sink, you'd probably buy that one too).

So, when you are out and about, do you want to be carrying that big giant bag?  Considering what you probably also need to be carrying (snacks, wallet, travel documents, sunglasses, etc), you might want to make all your things as compact as possible.  So what to do about the diaper bag?

Well, here is my tip.  I like to carry all my things in a daypack style backpack (it has three pockets: main, middle (medium sized), and small front pocket).  I have a small satchel that I received at the birth of my third child, with all sorts of little samples.  That has become my portable diaper bag.  It fits in the main pocket, but doesn't take up too much room.  You can probably find a similar item by using a large cosmetics bag, an insulated style lunch bag, or toiletries bag for your luggage.

My bag is large enough to hold several diapers/pull-ups (I carry about 3-5), a travel sized wipe container (which has 16 wipes), a travel sized wet wipes (with about 16 wipes), a travel sized diaper ointment (love those free samples), a travel sized hand sanitizer, and travel sized hand lotion.

I know that sometimes 3-5 diapers might not be enough for the days travels, especially if you have more than one wee one that is using them.  I keep the larger multi-pocket diaper bag under a seat in my car.  It carries a lot more diapers, changes of clothes etc.

If you know that you are going to be out a while, and are worried that those 3-5 diapers might not be enough, or you have two in need, here is another suggestion:  Consider carrying ziploc bags (I use gallon sized), labeled for each child with extra diapers, and possible wipes...even a change of clothes if you need it, in your back pack.  This makes your things more "modular" so your not digging through 500 different things to find the wipes!

You know what your child needs during a day, and when you travel you always want that extra 10%....just in case!  If you plan ahead you can reduce both your carrying weight and your stress.

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