Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Legoland Windsor - England

Location: Legoland Windsor, England

Time Frame: August, 3 nights and 3 days


Type. We had a hotel for this visit.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn - Slough Windsor, which was fairly close to the park (about 15 minutes away).  We had two double rooms, which were thankfully right next to one another (though not adjoining).  We split them between boys and girls (which means I got stuck with 3 kids while my hubby only had 1).

Cost. We cheated a little on this one, as we had built up loyalty points with Holiday Inn.  We use our points for the stay, and so it was free.  Rooms ran for us at 15,000 points a night.  Money wise, they were about 57 GBP per room (about $110), but did not include breakfast.

Amenities. Each room had two queen beds, a table and chairs, a tv, a full bathroom, and tea/coffee service. The Hotel had elevators, parking (which was 5 GBP per night), and a restaurant in the hotel.

Other. This hotel is within reasonable commuting distance to Legoland Windsor. It is in a rather interesting neighborhood, but does have some facilities such as an ASDA store within about 1/2 a mile.

Kid Friendly Rating: I would give this hotel two stars (**) for kid friendliness.


Driving. We drove from our home in the northern part of England.  It took about 4 hours to get there.  Driving was a bit chaotic, as many of the roads were under construction and Windsor is quite near London and traffic is heavy.

Public Transportation.  There were some bus routes that ran from the local towns to Legoland.

Walking. It is not possible to walk to Legoland, though walking to some areas of the local towns is possible.


We brought our own breakfast foods (such as muffins, fruit and juice), and then purchased lunch and dinner at the park.

Fast Food. Legoland had plenty of places to eat, ranging from the burger joints, to sit down places.

Sit Down. There were a few sit down places in the park.


Legoland...need I say more?

Times: See the parks website for more information as the park is open seasonally.


You can usually find good deals by buying holiday packages, or purchasing tickets on-line before you visit.

Tickets &Prices Adult Standard Adult Online
Senior Standard
Senior Online
Under 3's
1 Day Tickets 

2 Day Tickets 

LEGOLAND® FULL Annual Pass Gift Vouchers


Lifetime Pass 


Parking costs 2 GBP per day, unless you have an annual pass.  There is prefferred parking, which is closer to the park entrance, which has the following costs:

Preferred Parking Prices
Preferred Parking Pass £6
Annual Passholder Preferred Parking Pass £4
Preferred Parking Season Pass £14

Comments: We had a lot of fun here.  They had a great pirate show, plenty of fun rides for all ages, and plenty of places to eat.  We bought an annual pass (as it was cheaper than a two day pass which is our normal Legoland fare), and got to spend three days in the park.  We even got to go back in October to see the park's "Wizard Fireworks".

Availability:Public restrooms can be found readily throughout the park.  They have family restrooms as well, just in case Mom or Dad has to help a little one.

Public/Private: All of the restrooms in the park are open to the public.

Cost: Restrooms in the park are free.

Nearby Amenities

Laundry: We did not see any laundry facilities in the hotel or near the hotel.

Groceries: There was an ASDA Superstore about 1/2 mile from the hotel, and other local shops in the area.


This was a really fun trip.  Our kids were excited to see yet another Legoland, and hurriedly decided on which rides to hit.  There was plenty to entertain kids of all ages, though being the high season, lines were a bit longer, unless you go early in the day.  Sadly there were no large roller coasters, like there were at Legoland Billund or Legoland DE.  They are in the process of building a hotel at the site, and some new rides.

Trip Highlights
- umm, Legoland?

Overall Rating

If you love Legos, Legoland Windsor is definitely a 4 star must see location.

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