Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Legland Deutschland

Location: Legoland Deutschland

Time Frame: April, 2 nights and 3 days


Type. We stayed at a hotel about an 30 minutes from the park, called Park Hotel Schmid.  It was part of a holiday package with Legoland.  Legoland Deutschland also has it's own hotel on site.

Cost. The total for our holiday package (2 night hotel stay plus 2 day passes to the park for each of us) was 289.00 Euros.

Amenities. The hotel had two double beds, and we brought our own baby cot.  There was also a full bathroom.  The hotel offered a daily breakfast.  The hotel was located in a very small town, so there were not too many amenities.

Other. We had a nice walk around the town, and it was in a nice area.

Kid Friendly Rating: I would give this hotel four stars (****) for kid friendliness.


Driving. We drove from our home in Germany, and it took us around 4 hours. Driving in the area was pretty easy, and the hotel did offer parking. We did have to drive to the park (about 1 hour each way).

Public Transportation. We did not see any reliable transportation to the park, as it is quite isolated.

Walking. Walking inside the park is no problem, but getting to the park requires vehicular transportation.


Luckily breakfast (which for me is the hardest meal to deal with when traveling) was provided at the hotel We ate heartily, which helped us last until we could find lunch.

We had lunch in the park, and dinner at either a restaurant outside the park (called Quick burger) or one of the german restaurants in the town near our hotel.

Fast Food. There were several fast food restaurants between our hotel and the park.

Sit Down.There were a large variety of sit down restaurants ranging from casual cafes to upper crust fancy places.


Leogland...oh yeah!

Times: See the parks website for details on opening times as this park is seasonal.


Ticket Reg. price Online price
1-Day Ticket Bambini (3-5 years) 16,50 € 16,50 €
1-Day Ticket Child/Senior (6-11 / 60+) 33 € 24.75 €
1-Day Ticket Adult (12-59) 37 € 27.75 €
2-Day Ticket Adult (12-59) 61 € 51.85 €
2-Day Ticket Child Senior (3-11 / 60+) 61 € 51.85 €

Comments: This park had a much stricter policy for ages and  heights on rides.  They did have plenty of fun rides and movies to see.  This park, surprisingly, is not as child friendly as other Legoland parks, due in part, I imagine to the cultural issues in Germany around children.


Availability:Public restrooms can be found readily throughout the park.  They have family restrooms as well, just in case Mom or Dad has to help a little one.

Public/Private: All of the restrooms in the park are open to the public.

Cost: Restrooms in the park are free.

Nearby Amenities

Laundry: We didn't notice any laundry faciilties near our hotel.  Ask your hotel where the best facilities are located.

Groceries: There were a few small shops in the town.


We had fun at the park, but we made the mistake of going the weekend of a German school holiday, so the lines were long and it was hard to get a lot of time going on rides.

Trip Highlights
-having our first Legoland experience

Overall Rating

If you like Legos, Legoland Deutschland is a 4 star must see location.

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