Friday, February 11, 2011

Foto Friday: The Woods of Foy

 Part of our family adventures has always been travelling to historical sites.  Being in Europe afforded us the chance to visit quite a few battlefields from both World Wars.

We (like many people) watched the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, and were fascinated by the story.  Already interested in WW II history, we took the opportunity to visit some of the sites of Easy Company's battles.  One of the most humbling experiences was to stop in Bastogne and Foy (Belgium).

Easy Company (and many others) spent a horrible and cold winter here.  Most of the woods are gone now, replaced by fields.  You can still find some of the stands of trees, and amongst them the remnants of fox holes (and likely artillery hits).

Most of the scars of war are gone, but to stand in the woods and remember those who fought there was humbling.  War has been replaced by peace.

What is left of the war.

 A view of the woods near Foy, Belgium.

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